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  • Orkideh Behrouzan

Teaching Resources on the Refugee Condition and Displacement

Sample Readings from Syllabus:

Displacement, Refugees, and the Transnational Flow

This week we will examine ongoing debates on what has been called the refugee crisis, with an attention to subjectivity, the meaning of ‘place’ and belonging, memory, and representation.

Place and Embodiment

  • Pamela Karimi and Nasser Rabbat. The Destructionof Cultural Heritage: From Napoléon to ISIS. An Aggregate Project.Read the following sections:

  • The Demise and Afterlife of Artifacts:

  • Exhibition and Erasure/Art and Politics:

  • Gaston Bachelard. 1994. The Poetics of Space. Boston: Beacon Press: pp. 3-37.

  • Fuccaro, Nelida (ed.). 2016. Violence and the City in the Modern Middle East: Part One, Rethinking Violence in Urban History

  • Tschumi, Bernard. 1996. Architecture and Disjunction. MIT Press:Six Concepts, Page 227-259

  • Low and Lawrence Zeniga. 2003. The Anthropology of Space and Place. Introduction P1-37 (Locating Culture)

  • Mann, Barbara E. 2006. A Place in History: Modernism, Tel Aviv, and The Creation of Jewish Urban Space: Preface and Chapter 1 (ix-25)

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